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Zelda Wiki (ZW) is a large wiki based on the video game series “The Legend of Zelda”. The site regularly gains 100,000’s users a month, with this rising greatly around the time new video games are announced and subsequently released.

I joined the Zelda Wiki (ZW) team in 2014 as a server technician. This involves a number of responsibilities, such as keeping the site’s software secure and up-to-date, as well as keeping server costs low, keeping a development flow working and assisting in development when needed.

Although I initially joined the team as a helper, I quickly gained more responsibility. In late 2014/early 2015, myself and my team leader moved the wiki to an entirely new server architecture, designed to be more cost-effective than the previous one. At the time, the site was running on Microsoft Azure, and so through this I became intimately familiar with the cloud service provider.

My team leader then left, and I essentially become the lead DevOps manager. I single handedly moved the site from Azure to Amazon Web Services, keeping downtime to a minimum, and assisted in the development of a responsive MediaWiki layout for the site. Unfortunately, in 2016 it became clear that the cost of running the servers for the site was too high and the site was sold to Gamepedia (Curse). I worked with the Zelda Wiki team, owner and the technical team at Curse to ensure a smooth transition to their services. This was a challenging move – the site contains a large amount of multimedia content, and it was paramount that none of it would be lost. I continued to play a small technical part in the Gamepedia team for the few months following the move, to assist them fixing the remaining issues and left shortly after.

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